Diamond Suite

Living, working and relaxing!  

The Diamond Suite

The ultimate way of living, working and relaxing! 

The Diamond Suite is a modular tiny house with multifunctional purposes. In the garden, at your holiday park or as a workplace at home. Everything is possible. With innovation, flexibility and sustainability as starting points, we create spaces that meet your wishes. The process from design to delivery takes place under one roof. During the design phase, you choose the right materials, colors and furnishings based on our knowledge and expertise. Contact us, tell us your requirements and let us design your perfect Diamond Suite!

Recreation solutions

For a holiday park or recreation area!

The style of the Diamond Suite has been developed to provide the wow-effect. Give your guests the wow-effect while offering them multiple options at the same time. The same look, but with a completely different design or functionality. We can design your Diamond Suite for up to 6 people. An accommodation with desk and hot tub for relaxation or a space for the whole family? View some examples below and contact us to have your own Diamond Suite designed.

Work solutions

From office garden to garden office! 

The Diamond Suite offers countless solutions for creating a space where people can work. As a meeting room or garden office, but also for the business at home. The options are endless! Limited office capacity in times of COVID-19 and long travel times to the office are a thing of the past. View some examples below and contact us to have your own design made.

Residential solutions

Extra bedroom, garden house or guest home!

Extra space at or around your house is always useful. The Diamond Suite can be built and furnished as a multifunctional space. Think of a garden house, pool house or a guest house. Closeby but still private enough with its own bathroom, kitchen and living room. The Diamond Suite can be set up for 1 to 6 people. See some examples below and contact us to turn your ideas into reality!


Garden office

The ideal solution for a office at home! Focus on your work in a private space. With all the necessary amenities such as a toilet and pantry. Also available for a business at home like a beautysalon or a hairdresser.


Meeting room

A meeting room in your own garden or at your business premises offers countless opportunities. Meeting in style, with privacy guaranteed. Also usefull as a space to rent out.


Diamond Suite 4 persons

The eye-catcher of every holiday park. Available for 1 op to 6 people. Add extra options like skylights, a hottub or a extra big terrace. 

Ranzend snel


The construction is done in the blink of an eye. The transport rack doubles as a foundation so that construction can be done within a day. The Diamond Suite can be placed from 8 weeks after your order.



Our basic models have a length of 6 or 9.6 meters. But thanks to our innovative way of building, this can be shortened or extended to create a space that meets your needs.



The layout options are endless. On request we can furnish the Suite in the style of your choice. In addition, there are possibilities for a kitchen, extra (bed) room, large terrace with hot tub. Of course there are also various air conditioning and climate control solutions available.



The Suite is produced CO2 neutral, it is sustainable due to the use of materials and has or will receive a second life. The Suite can be equipped with Solar cells, water tank and compost toilet to use it completely off-grid.

Modular construction for flexible space

The Diamond Suite is completely modular. Due to the structure in different ribs of 320cm by 120cm, the Suite can be extended or shortened with these dimensions. We will discuss the correct size and layout with you. The construction of the Diamond Suite can take place on location or in our warehouse, we also determine the right solution together with you.

High-quality material and design

Together with you we walk through all colors, materials and design options. We only use high-quality materials. The bathroom and kitchen fittings are chrome-plated as standard and available in black, metal, rose or gold. Please contact us for all possibilities regarding material use and design.

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