Diamond Suite sustainable holiday home


Sustainable, high-quality timber construction holiday home

You can offer the Diamond Suite to your guests within 8 weeks. As a sustainable holiday home with a luxurious look & feel, it fits with the current & future market for holidaymakers.

The Diamond Suite can be adjusted in layout, use of materials and color schemes. In a sustainable way we make a holiday home for you that matches your target group.

Diamond Suite modulaire opbouw
Diamond Suite - Extremely fast production

Extremely fast production

The Diamond Suite is a Dutch design and is produced on our own soil. Due to a mainly digital production process, working hours are limited and production errors are minimized. After 8 weeks of construction, it is finished and we transport it in its entirety to your location where it can be used the same day.

Diamond Suite - Flexible & modular

Flexible & modular

Thanks to the 1.2-meter modular building blocks, we can shorten or extend the basic models. For example, an extra bedroom can be added, a larger kitchen can be created or a more luxurious bathroom can be designed. An extended veranda can also be added to this tiny house. In addition, we have options for increasing natural light through the use of skylights, wall windows and facades.

Diamond Suite - Sustainable timber construction

Sustainable timber construction

With an eye on the future, the Diamond Suite has been designed as a sustainable recreational home. This tiny house is characterized as a timber construction. During the construction process we use bio-based materials where possible that can be reused in the future. Thanks to its placement on screw foundations, there is minimal impact on the terrain and the Diamond Suite can be moved to a new location when necessary. The Diamond Suite can also be prepared for an off-grid application.